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Published Apr 24, 22
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What’s worse: these background check websites bait users by displaying teaser results for free searches. And once they’ve taken the bait, users can find even more sensitive details for a small fee. Most of these sites are in the business of making money; personal privacy violation is of no consequence to them.

Armed with that information, someone could attempt to steal your identity — and may even be successful in their efforts. With a stolen identity, criminals can apply for credit cards or loans, file false tax returns, or commit any number of other crimes that are tied to the information relating to you.

Search engines index these sites, giving worldwide access to the information that identifies you and your family. Direct marketing companies may use this information to target you with ads you never requested, and unless you opt out, you can expect your information to be shared with literally hundreds of other marketing groups.

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To make matters worse, most of these sites never get your permission to post your information. In fact, the only external organization that is authorized to post details about individuals is that of a government entity, which may be required by law to share information based on public records. Barring the legal requirements of government sites, people search sites and data brokers websites mean that your email, phone number, address and more are for sale across the web and on sites you’ve never even heard of! Search results on these sites are available 24 hours a day to anyone while wishes to conduct a people search.

Individual reputations online can influence our ability to: Get a job. Apply for a home or vehicle loan. Explore new personal opportunities. Make personal connections with others, such as on social or dating sites. When people search sites post information, they often make no attempt to verify the details they share with users.

If old criminal records are posted, for example, this can damage a person’s reputation, even if the records are no longer valid or have been expunged from government databases. On websites that don’t verify the details it posts to the site, this inaccurate information can effectively ruin the reputation you have worked so hard for.

How To Remove Something From Your Background Checks

Removing Information from or Opting Out of People Search Websites Fortunately, there are ways to remove your personal data from nearly every background check site and search sites on the web. Record removal mechanisms exist, but the opt out request information may be hidden and may take a little while to search for.

One person is able to opt out of many people search websites with enough time and commitment. Understand that if you go it alone, please know this can be a long process. Contacting each webmaster is time-consuming — there’s also is no guarantee anyone will respond to your opt out request.

In some cases, you may have no control over your own record, as people search sites do not honor requests to opt out of data collection and sharing. But if you value your privacy, there are important steps you can take to protect it. Why is this so important? The odds are good your info is already on these background check websites.

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The fact is that search results tend to linger long after information is removed. Opt Out: How to Remove Yourself From Background Check Websites How to remove your name from background check websites? While this opt out process can be time-consuming and tedious, there are ways to delete your personal info and take control of your own online privacy.

com. After My, Life receives your request, the site recommends waiting ten business days to achieve results. My, Life may contact you to confirm you are the profile owner requesting to opt out. The site claims that this is to “ensure the correct identity and profile ownership before completing these requests.” In most cases, a verification email will be sent to the person requesting the removal of information.

You may receive a verification email once an opt out request is made. Delete your info from Been Verified by following this opt-out process. Been Verified removal is relatively straightforward, and you may receive a confirmation email and/or verification code once your request has been processed. The Peekyou. com opt out process starts here.

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You may also be asked to verify your identity when you opt to be removed. USSearch is one of the more popular data-aggregates on the web. Opt out of USSearch here. Find your private data on People, Finders? Take steps to remove it here. Opt out of data sharing with a few simple steps.

To do this, you must fax a state-issued ID card or driver’s license directly to the site (remove information from instant checkmate). The ID must have your current address listed. When faxing a copy of your license, be sure to cross out your photo and the driver’s license number. You may also be required to send a verification email to the site to complete the opt out procedure.

If you fax a copy of your driver’s license, block out your photo and license number. Fax your request to 516-717-3017 and allow about six weeks to complete your opt out request. Details to Consider It is important to recognize that the sites listed above are not the only places where your information is posted and shared via search results.

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When you find other search websites, you may opt to have your details removed by making a request. You may have to complete an identity verification by sharing your address, driver’s licensing information or other personal details to make sure you are legitimate; in other words, that you have the correct identity to make a removal request.

These social platforms are often used to conduct people search requests; old classmates or prospective employers may use the search tools on these sites to learn more about you. In essence, these social tools are the same thing as a people search platform, providing data that can be used to interfere with your life.

Opt out of information sharing and search results by following the details listed on each social platform. A data removal request may take days or weeks to be completed. You may opt to speed up the process by deleting your account, permanently erasing personal data from search results. An even better way to opt out is to speak to one of our data removal experts at Net, Reputation.

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New people search sites appear on the web nearly every day, sharing the data that can identify you and affect your reputation. Do you want a stranger to learn your address, your telephone number, or the names of your children? Are you ready to take charge of the search results identifying you on the internet? We can help.

Everyone is entitled to privacy on the web, and we can assist you by helping you to opt out of data collection websites — effectively erasing the search results that can interfere with your everyday life. When we do the data opt out process for you, we stand behind our results.