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For more information regarding the FCRA click ⚖ here. Mugshot Companies prohibits any business that publishes or disseminates “arrest booking photographs” from accepting a fee or other form of payment to remove those photographs if a request is made under this statute. This section only applies to those businesses that charge a fee to remove the photo, however, any entity that is publishing the photo should still be contacted.

It helps to put this in the letter requesting removal and cite the statute. If not removed within 10-days, the person whose photo it is may bring a civil action to enjoin the continued publication or dissemination of the photograph. This sounds great but you have to consider the location of the company publishing the photo - how to get a clean background check.

However, if they can find out your IP address and they have your mugshot, they will make your mugshot appear everytime if that IP address opens a webpage with their ad. IP addresses are unique locations. Your laptop and smartphone each have unique IP addresses. If you are using wifi, the router for the wifi has a unique IP address.

Background Checks For Prospective Foster, Adoptive, And ...

It also means that location may be targeted and you shouldn’t think it is showing up everywhere. How to Find the Addresses of Private Background Check Companies Informing a company that has collected your arrest history while it was a public record may seem difficult because their website does not have their address listed on it.

First, type in the search bar of your browser “WHOIS LOOKUP.” The results will show all the different “whois” search tools that are out there. Some don’t work or are down. If that happens use another one. The “whois” search tool allows you to put in the web address (e.

The results can be confusing but if you look thoroughly you will find at least a telephone number, email address, or a mailing address. This is a partial result of a whois search for Google. When informing companies do it with: A short specific and direct letter telling them what you want.

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That is usually enough incentive for them to remove that information. There are some private law firms and companies that claim they can remove your information that has been sealed or expunged from all the “background” checking companies that have and sell your information. One example is the (see below).

Check out the before you spend any more money. Understand that there may be more of these companies out there today. I do not endorse or exclude any of them. Newspapers and Other News Outlets Some people may have had their case publicized in the News when it happened and are now concerned about it (how to get a clean background check).

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The question comes up, will an expungement or sealing require the News to remove their article? The answer is “no.” News organizations are protected by the 1st Amendment. You can ask them to remove it or censor your identity out of it, but that decision will be theirs to make.

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The ⚖ Papillon Foundation is a non-profit (I believe) with a lot of information about criminal records. The ⚖ Electronic Privacy Information Center [EPIC] is another non-profit organization with a lot of information. Guaranteed Removals is another company that claims to be able to remove records that have been sealed or expunged from private companies.

We will email you information about our record expungement and sealing representation. You can also go to our ⚖ Florida Expungement webpage for more details. We harass you with calls, emails, or texts. We place you on a mailing list. We share your information with anyone. add you to our contacts so we know who you are when we communicate in the future.

04(a)(4) (Aggravated kidnapping), Penal Code, if the actor committed the offense or engaged in the conduct with intent to violate or abuse the victim sexually; (D) A violation of Section 30. 02 (Burglary), Penal Code, if the offense or conduct is punishable under Subsection (d) of that section and the actor committed the offense or engaged in the conduct with intent to commit a felony listed in Paragraph (A) or (C); (E) A violation of Section 20.

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03 (Kidnapping), or 20. 04 (Aggravated kidnapping), Penal Code, if, as applicable: (i) The judgment in the case contains an affirmative finding under Article 42. 015; or (ii) The order in the hearing or the papers in the case contain an affirmative finding that the victim or intended victim was younger than 17 years of age.

Georgia law only allows restriction (expungement) in the following three (3) situations: Generally, cases that are closed without conviction qualify for restriction. This includes charges that are closed by the arresting agency, dismissed, nolle prosequi/nolle prossed, placed on the “dead docket,” and those not presented to the grand jury or twice nobilled by the grand jury.

You pled guilty to another charge in the case; You were involved in a pattern of criminal activity prosecuted in another jurisdiction The prosecution could not use important evidence against you (evidence was suppressed) You had some form of immunity. B. You were acquitted, but within ten (10) days of the verdict, the prosecution convinces the court not to restrict, or it is later determined there was jury tampering or judicial misconduct.

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To qualify, you must have successfully completed your sentence, and in the five (5) years before you request restriction, you cannot have been charged with any offense, other than minor traffic offenses. Restriction is not available for the following convictions: Serious Traffic Offenses including: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Reckless Driving Aggressive Driving Fleeing/Attempting to Elude Serious Injury by Vehicle Vehicular Homicide Theft (does not include Shoplifting) Child Molestation Enticing a Child for Indecent Purposes Pimping Keeping a Place of Prostitution Pandering by Compulsion Masturbation for Hire Giving Massages in a Place used for Lewd Sexual Acts Sexual Battery Sexual Assault by Persons with Supervisory or Disciplinary Authority Sexual Exploitation of Children Electronically Furnishing Obscene Material to Minors Obscene Telephone Contact with a Minor Computer Pornography You may be able to have a felony charge restricted if it was closed without conviction, and you were only convicted of an unrelated misdemeanor offense in that case.

Anyone with an internet connection is able to research you. Do you know what Google says about you? Since websites like Instant, Check, Mate are not government entities they are not required to update their records. This can be extremely detrimental to an individual who is applying for a job.

In addition, you will with your own designated Project Manager who will provide updates and answer any questions you may have along the way. No, the only exception would be any county records or local newspaper that reported the incident. We work to remove the 40+ databases above. If you have any questions about a website that is not on our list, give us a call and we can discuss everything in more detail.