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Published Aug 04, 22
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Having your mug shot show up on the internet could affect your ability to get a job, form new relationships, and negatively hinder other areas of your life. What the public does not realize is that you could be arrested, but never charged with a crime. In some states like Florida, however, your mug shot could show up within hours and still be online for years, even if you are innocent.

The Washington Post reported in 2018 about a company called that charged people $399 to remove their mugshots from the internet. During a three-year period, that company bilked $2 - mug 4 million from 5,703 victims. The three owners were arrested and sued. They have since changed their business model. Thankfully, there are legal and safe ways to erase mugshots from the internet without being swindled.

How Long Does It Take for Mugshots to Appear Online Arrest records are public records and can be obtained easily through legal and law enforcement channels. Depending on the state laws, all arrests may be legal fodder for anyone willing to troll the intake pipelines and scoop up new mugshots, arrest records, and police reports.

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However, there are other disreputable organizations like Mugshots. com who just want to profit from posting something awful about someone to get them to pay up to remove it. Bad public records could be a potential threat for your reputation. Be sure to check it out, and if necessary, remove those public records.

How to Remove Online DUI DWI Mugshot Photos May 2022Mugshot Removal Guide: How to Find Your Mugshots - IDStrong
How to Remove Online DUI DWI Mugshot Photos May 2022Mugshot Removal Guide: How to Find Your Mugshots - IDStrong

com Since their legal troubles and arrests, Mugshots. com now offers free removal for anyone who can provide paperwork proving they were never charged with a crime or expungement documents showing their crimes are now sealed. There is a contact form on their website that you can use to do this.

You can find this information by going to ICANN or WHOIS to look up the owner’s information. Then you should contact the owner of each site, explain the situation, and, if you can, provide documentation that you were never charged with a crime. Politely request that they for a mugshot removal.

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It is up to you if you want to pay for it or not. There are also online services that offer to contact all websites for you and have them removed altogether. These companies do charge a fee, and it’s not cheap. In some cases, you could be looking at $1,000-$5,000 easily to have it cleaned up.

So, if you type in your name and your mugshots come right up, then you could use a practice of replacement rather than removal to get rid of your mugshots. Basically, anything that is less “new” and less relevant will be pushed down further on Google in subsequent pages, and hardly anyone will ever see it.

That is why it is so important to get on top of it and remove it quickly. Although Google is known for being difficult when it comes to content removal, if you stick with it and contact them repeatedly and explain the situation, they may remove your mugshots from the search results.

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This site will remove your mug shot — for a price, authorities say. Its  owners are charged with extortion. - The Washington PostThis site will remove your mug shot — for a price, authorities say. Its owners are charged with extortion. - The Washington Post

Are There Any Other Ways to Erase Mugshots? There are a few other ways you can tackle the job of removing your mugshots from the web. Hire a legal company to remove them for you. Some lawyers specialize in content removal and reputation repair. These legal representatives will take care of sending threatening letters to all the websites who have posted your picture and get them removed.

If the arrest and coordinating mugshots are legitimate and you were charged with a crime, you may have the option of applying to the courts to get the record expunged. Once you do that, you can take your expungement paperwork to each of the websites and plead your case to remove them.

Police reports, mugshots, and arrest records frequently emerge on the internet. People are left to cope with the repercussions as best they can. Everybody who has ever been charged and convicted of a misdemeanor or felony or charged, but not convicted, will probably deal with their legal issues being displayed online.

How Can Mugshots On The Internet Jeopardize Your Career

A few factors need to be considered depending on the extent of media coverage, how much time has passed since your arrest or the publication of it, and the type of crime committed. You could be eligible for expungement of your criminal record depending on your province, state, or country.

When it comes to state-run criminal pardon programs, several aspects are typically taken into account. You can apply for a criminal record pardon. Then, you can get your record taken off the internet. However, people normally have to wait for a few years to pass since the conviction. While expungement is certainly the best option, it’s not always possible.

They will still appear, but they won’t be the first thing people see when they type your name in. This service is a temporary fix because the information will creep back up eventually. When that happens, you’ll have to pay for the service again. Online background check sites are an example of private databases - how to get mugshot off internet.

What Can I Do About My Criminal Record On The Internet?

Let’s say someone is looking for a tutor for their child and their candidate of choice turns out to be a former criminal. Likewise, a person looking for a partner will need to be aware of a criminal past. These sites only become a problem when the respective case was dismissed, or the person was arrested by mistake.

Perhaps the arrest was made based on false information. It can happen. Getting your criminal record removed from the internet is difficult, but not impossible. Many websites have a grievance procedure in place, where you can ask them to remove your information. If more than one site published it, you’d need to go through the procedure for each one.

For other misdemeanors, you are required to wait 2 years after completion of your deferral period. For certain felony offenses, a person must wait 5 years from the completion of the deferral period. A petition for non-disclosure seals your record and allows you to deny you were ever arrested for the offense. Reveals How To Remove Arrest ...

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For more information regarding petitions for non-disclosure please contact the Law Office of Lance Turnbow. EXPUNGEMENT When you have an offense expunged, the offense is essentially erased from your record. If done properly, even law enforcement agencies should not be able to find it. To be eligible to have an arrest expunged you must either be found not guilty of the offense or have your case dismissed without any type of court-ordered supervision.

However, if your case is expunged or sealed these sites must remove your photos. If they ignore the court’s order to do so they face civil and criminal penalties. If you are concerned with your mugshot being out there for everyone to see . My main goal is to erase this entire situation so you won’t have to answer questions about it later.