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There are also no rules about when (or if) a website is ever required to remove them. There are many reasons why these websites are allowed to exist and can continue posting mugshots without facing lawsuits. Federal mugshots are public domain (meaning they're freely copyable by anyone). Generally, Federal mugshots are also part of the public record which means they are freely accessible to the public.

In California specifically, it is generally accepted that mugshots are public domain materials in the public record, so this means that anyone can use them for any legal purpose without your permission. That said, even though there are reasons why these sites can do what they do, there are still several routes you can take to get your mugshot removed.

Taking your mugshot down using one of these removal services may be as simple as one click. They also charge a high price for this service, usually in the ball-park of $400-$500. So even if you do get your mugshot taken down by these services, you should know that some of the money you pay to these sites may go straight into mugshot posting website’s pockets.

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You can read more about this here. Despite how shady it seems that some of these removal services work in cahoots with the posting companies, their business model is (from our research) legitimate and legal. These websites are probably your best bet for getting your mugshot actually removed. While the price might seem high, the affiliation some of these websites have with the mugshot posting sites assures your mugshot will be removed.

Generally, sites that posts mugshots will remove your mugshot if you have gotten your conviction expunged and you present them via email with proof of your expungement. This isn’t due to any law requiring them to, it’s simply a business practice of many of these sites. Therefore, if you get your conviction expunged, you should start contacting the sites again to let them know that this occured.

This makes the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories. Getting your record expunged does not guarantee that your mugshot will be removed from a website. BUT, sending these websites proof that your record has been expunged increases the likelihood that a site will remove your mugshot, especially if the site lists expungement as one of its qualifications for removal.

How To Get Your Mugshot Removed From The Internet

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This lawyer will probably send a “demand letter” to the mugshot site pressuring to take the site down. The letter will threaten that a lawsuit will be filed if the website does not take the mugshot down. The threat of an expensive and time consuming lawsuit will probably make the website owner decide to take your mugshot down – even if he or she has the legal right to post it online.

Also, with a hiring a lawyer, there is no guarantee that the mugshot will be taken down. Working with one of the removal services in option one, there can sometimes be guarantees that your mugshot will be taken down. Finally, there is a possibility that you could pay your lawyer to send this letter, and the mugshot website will ignore the threat.

Written by: Adam October 13th, 2021 Have you ever been arrested? Even if your arrest record is sealed or expunged, chances are your mugshot and arrest details are searchable on the web. This may have you wondering and clean your online reputation. Most people Google themselves from time to time.

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If you’re among them and want to know how to get your mugshots off Google, Bing, or Yahoo, there are a few things to understand about mugshot removal. how to get a mugshot. Most sites won’t just because you don’t want it online. And many mugshot sites may remove mugshots only after you provide official documents proving your innocence.

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You may do so by searching your name in Google along with the word “arrest.” In many cases, a booking photo or arrest records are a matter of public record and may appear on official websites in addition to sites that post unflattering images of those who have been arrested for a criminal act.

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An arrest record online can interfere with your ability to rent a house or capitalize on new business options. These mugshot results can even eliminate employment opportunities. While an attorney can help you navigate the law associated with eliminating unflattering online search results, it pays to hire a company that understands the details about reputation management.

Top Strategies For How To Remove Mugshots Online

After completing the contact form, one of our knowledgeable mugshot specialists will connect with you as quickly as time permits to present you our , and help you with everything you need for removing mugshots online. Our free consultation will help you understand more about our process. Our experts have experience working with removal law — and our process delivers the results you deserve.

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Most of these websites are run by shady operators that are out-of-state or even offshore where regulations are often lax. Only website operators that are classified as newspapers are legally allowed to post mugshots. Some of the corrupt bot networks go by the names of , Rapsheets. org, and Arrests.

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This approach operates on the principle that your picture will automatically drop-off of government websites as more recent mugshot photos are added. With every new arrest, your photo gets bumped to the next page, in a manner of speaking. It can take a while depending upon how many new arrests are made in your jurisdiction, but eventually, your photo will wind up on page 16.

At that point your mugshot is unsearchable. Case Dismissal. If your case is legally dismissed, sealed, or expunged and you can provide proof of such to these operators, most will take down your mugshot photo. It will require writing a letter or email requesting that they take it down and then following up with a phone call, but it is an effective method. removal script.

How Do I Get My Mugshot Removed From The Internet In Nc?

44-7902 (E) A link to a Demand Letter template has been provided below. You are welcome to tailor this letter to your situation and use it. Remember to include a photo of your mugshot with your letter. You can paste a screenshot of your mugshot attaching it as an exhibit.

One of the most effective methods is to suppress your mugshot with more relevant data. Someone said, “The best place to hide a body is on the 2nd page of Google.” By putting more relevant data about you out on the Internet by utilizing what is known as Online Reputation Management techniques, you are effectively outranking the mugshot websites.

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Creating a 6-month suppression campaign where your online presence and social profiles are built out and populated with valuable content can pay big dividends! Mugshot Removal Recap: *Mugshots on government websites may disappear with time. If that is the case, be patient! *If you get your case dismissed, they will probably take it down.